EQUI MESH Horse Fencing

EQUI MESH Horse Fencing

“The Safe Economical Quality Horse Fence”
Phone: 1300 308 186
Mob: 0439 761 247

EQUI MESH’S soft steel allows for greater “give”.


EQUI MESH is an affordable fence which offers rigid
yet flexible construction that makes it ideal for
installation over rolling meadows or hilly terrain.

EQUI MESH’S superior strength and narrow mesh
pattern are designed to withstand the most vigorous
of equine antics with ease.

EQUI MESH’S heavily galvanized finish ensures long
life with virtually no maintenance.

EQUI MESH’S closely-woven 5cm by 10cm vertical
mesh pattern has been specifically designed to prevent
horses, cows, sheep, goats, or other hoofed animals
from “stepping through” or “walking down” the fence.

EQUI MESH’S longer 60.9 metre rolls reduce the need
to frequently join or tie off rolls.

EQUI MESH is a great value fence that ensures
unwanted predators – such as dogs and foxes, as well
as kangaroos – will be prevented from entering horse
paddocks and pastures.

Ph: 1300 308 186
Mob: 0439 761 247