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Equine reproduction and breeding centre


Equine Reproduction
Pacific Vetcare has a dedicated veterinarian to Equine Reproduction during the breeding season. Dr Merrilyn Fitzgerald performs a full range of Equine Reproduction services and has purpose built facilities at her property at Bonville. These facilities include individual post and rail paddocks with shelters, an undercover crush as well as spot lit foaling paddocks.

Foaling down
Foaling can be an exciting time but it can also be stressful for both the owner and for the mare. To reduce any stress, mares are kept in individual paddocks on Dr Fitzgerald’s own property. In addition the mares are fitted with foaling alarms and the actual foaling is supervised by a veterinarian and/or equine nurses.

Post Foaling Care
Both the mare and foal are given thorough post foaling checks and treatment is provided if necessary. Whilst we can’t give an absolute guarantee, it is our aim to provide a high standard of care that minimises the risks of foaling to the mare and her foal.

Artificial Insemination (AI) – Click here to download information handout
Mares are generally artificially inseminated at our breeding centre at Bonville. Frozen or chilled semen can be used. Please see our information section for further details on artificial insemination

Preparation for walk on service
Mares going to stud in Queensland or in the Hunter Valley can be prepared for service allowing the mare to be driven to the stud, served the same day then brought home saving on costly agistment and additional transport.

Investigation of problem mares
Problem breeders can be investigated and managed with scanning, swabs, biopsies and hormone levels.

Other reproductive services available
Utilising both the facilities of the Equine Reproduction Unit at Bonville and the Equine Surgery at Pacific Vetcare’s main hospital in Coffs Harbour we are able to offer the following additional reproductive services;

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Follicle testing
  • Semen collection- shipping
  • Foal medicine and surgery
  • Caslick operation
  • All routine stud work

Dr Fitzgerald travels to Nana Glen area three times a week during the stud season or mares can be brought to Pacific Vetcare in Coffs Harbour or the breeding centre at Bonville.

For all enquires/bookings please call Dr Fitzgerald on 0418 964 321
or Pacific Vetcare on 02 6652 3455.